Purestem® Embryonic Progenitor Cell Lines

BioTime workers (including Drs. West and Larocca) previously reported studies using combinatorial cell cloning to generate hundreds of diverse human ES cell-derived embryonic progenitor (hEP) cell lines (West et al., Regen Med. 2008 3:287-308).  These lines originated from single cells that were individually selected, expanded in culture and then cryobanked.  Ca. 100 of these lines have been extensively passaged, demonstrating their robust capacity for industrial scale-up while maintaining a normal karyotype.  Extensive transcriptional profiling of these lines under both native and further differentiation conditions revealed gene expression clusters associated with primitive embryonic lineages and homeobox genes.  Further work by us revealed a subset of hEP lines with vascular and brown fat cell differentiation potential.  In addition, we identified a subset of hEP lines that express a striking diversity of secreted factors including BMPs, FGFs, Wnts, IGF binding proteins, angiopoietins, hemopoietins, neurotrophins, MMPs and many extracellular matrix (ECM) binding and remodeling components.