Progenitor Cell Secreted Factors

Our scientists have discovered that our proprietary progenitor cells are an excellent source of bio-active factors including microvesicles known as exosomes. Our findings indicate that PureStem® cell lines produce exosomes that have superior regenerative properties compared to conventional adult stem cell sources. Our goal is to develop embryonic progenitor cells as a highly pure and scalable source of cell-free therapeutics.   Cell-free products derived from stem cells bypass many hurdles in the path toward clinical use. These “off-the-shelf” products have the potential advantages of more rapid clearance, lower toxicity/immunogenicity, ease of use, as well as simpler and more cost effective production and storage. Our cell-free product strategy is to produce GMP clinical grade bioactive exosomes that stimulate blood vessel growth (angiogenesis).  We believe this approach will allow us to develop near term products with shorter regulatory pathways that will support our continued development of cell-based therapeutic strategies.