Progenitor Cell Derivation

ReCyte has proprietary cell derivation technology for making highly scalable and pure populations of vascular tissue and vascular associated brown fat.  These include progenitors of endothelial cells that line the inside of vessels, pericytes and smooth muscle cells that support the integrity of vessel walls, and brown fat cells that surround cardiac vessels and play a critical role in maintaining healthy cardiac function and metabolic integrity. The ultimate goal for this platform technology is to use these cells and/or their secreted products as therapeutics that can be infused into patients with cardiovascular disorders.  The goal is to use them to regenerate the integrity of blood vessels and restore blood flow to tissue that is damaged due to disease, injury or aging. Brown fat progenitors have the potential to be used to generate cardioprotective brown fat tissue for treating diseases associated with loss of brown fat such as obesity, hypertension, diabetes, lipodystrophies, and coronary disease.