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There’s little to fault with the anatomic Ping G25 Ironsbend alloy bar and forged alloy stem. The former is well shaped and doesn’t overly limit your positioning choices with a too shallow drop and Specialized’s clever adjustable angle system affords an extra degree of sizing flexibility. Likewise, the Specialized Riva Road saddle is comfortable for long days on the road with its trademark Body Geometry shaping and generous padding but the synthetic cover is very grippy and some riders might want a little extra width. The matching seatpost is a bit disappointing, TaylorMade SpeedBlade Ironshowever. Don’t be fooled by appearances the carbon is just a cosmetic overwrap and while the 27.2mm diameter would normally be expected to contribute to a smoother ride, the thick aluminum walls hidden underneath don’t flex much. On the plus side, the two bolt head is secure and easy to use. As long as you’re not too fixated Ping G30 Driveron weight there’s little to fault here but a lot to like. We’re only just getting started with our long term test but initial impressions are that the Allez frame is more than good enough to upgrade as parts wear out and the years pass. Set some money aside for a wheel and tyre upgrade and the resulting package should more than suffice for more casual riders looking to eat up a lot of miles or enter a race from time to time.

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