About Us

ReCyte Therapeutics, Inc. is a regenerative medicine company focused on repair of vascular disorders, including both age-related diseases and injuries.  The company was founded in January 2011 as a subsidiary of BioTime, Inc. with a significant investment by private shareholders and by BioTime.  Our therapeutic products are derived from human stem cells in vitro, including from embryonic and induced pluripotent stem cell sources.  In composition, these therapeutics are designed to be either cellular or totally cell-free for specific uses, the latter representing an entirely new class of stem cell-derived therapeutics.  Our approaches exploit the widely-held view that these most primitive sources have unparalleled potential to produce tissue regenerative responses, compared to the varying amounts of fibrosis and scarring that may occur with responses by other, especially adult, cells.  These “eternally youthful” cells also provide unequalled advantages for engineering and tailoring for specific applications during manufacturing stages without incurring a loss of growth potential.

Our main focus is on finding effective treatments for vascular diseases that result in loss of blood flow and therefore oxygen and nutrients to vital organs and limbs.   These conditions are among the leading causes of death and disability in the United States, and consume a major and ever-increasing proportion of health care costs.  A variety of cellular therapies for these health indications from other, usually adult, sources have entered and will continue to move toward the clinic.  However, despite the statistical improvements observed in some studies, patients seldom regain full normal function because of the limited ability of these cells to produce strong regenerative responses.  Thus, our goal is to produce better, more potent therapeutics for these major unmet needs.